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Advocacy Update – August 14, 2017

Contact: Blair Schlecter
Director of Economic Development & Government Affairs
310-248-1000 x 109

The Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce has recently taken several positions to support our local and regional businesses. This advocacy helps to ensure a positive and supportive environment to help our businesses thrive! Here are some of the recent positions the Chamber has taken:

California Assembly Bill 1250 – Personal Services Contracts – Oppose

This bill places onerous restrictions on the ability of counties to contract out for services with third parties. Municipalities need the flexibility to provide the best quality of services without creating undue financial and administrative burdens. AB 1250 undercuts this flexibility by severely limiting the circumstances under which a county can contract for services.

California Assembly Constitutional Amendment 11 – California Middle Class Affordable Housing and Homeless Shelter – Oppose

ACA 11 is a proposal to amend the California Constitution to impose a quarter cent tax against retailers to
fund housing programs. The Chamber believes that this bill is an unfair attempt to force the retail industry to subsidize housing in other parts of the state. Beverly Hills and its surrounding region depend heavily on business from retailers through merchants along the famed Rodeo Drive and elsewhere throughout the City. These retailers have recently been hit by a number of state and local sales tax measures, including ones related to housing in Los Angeles County. Adding more taxes to these retailers to fund unrelated housing development would add another unjustified burden. Additionally, the Chamber opposes amending the California Constitution to insert a tax provision.

California Assembly Bill 5 – Opportunity to Work Act – Oppose

AB 5 attempts to limit the ability of employers to hire new staff by requiring them to offer the work to existing employees first. The Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce opposes AB 5 because it will limit employers’ ability to effectively manage their workforce, subject employers to costly fines and multiple avenues of litigation, and will limit job opportunities for unemployed workers.

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