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By: Starla Fortunato, Photographer

Why settle for just headshots when you possess valuable services and knowledge that many are actively seeking? This is where “Branding Photography” comes into play.

Have you ever wondered why some influencers, speakers, or brands appear world-class in their photos on their websites & social media? The answer lies in their understanding that nobody does business quite like they do.  Branding Photography visually captures the essence of your business and the audience you serve. By opting for “Branding Photography”, you bring your business and services to life, attracting media attention, gaining social media followers, connecting with your dream clients on a global scale.

Perhaps you are ready to build your global empire like Dr. Erin Martin, a successful medical doctor who knew she had more to give beyond what’s offered in her industry.  In partnering with Kathryn Porritt of  Iconic Influencers, Dr. Erin is now positioned as a global leader true to her own genius and medical experience. Her photos capture her brand story to connect her directly with her audience. Here are
the results of a successful medical doctor daring to expand her brand and profession.

Introducing LAVISH by Dr. Erin

Brand Agency:  Kathryn Porritt/Iconic Influencers
Photography by Starla Fortunato

Dr. Erin is opening the doors to LAVISH Society, an invitation only collective of high achieving women who will join like-minded women bringing to life all that is within them.

LAVISH Society and LAVISH Retreats are just the beginning of Dr. Erin’s LAVISH Empire. Dr Erin02 Dr Erin

03 Dr Erin

“Fascinate them, that’s why you’re here!”

As a photographer specializing in fashion brands, hotels and businesses, I help you establish an iconic presence in your industry.

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