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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A chamber of commerce is an organization of businesses joining together to increase business, advocate for business issues, and support a positive business environment. Chambers of Commerce have existed in the United States for more than two centuries.

Chambers serve a number of community building and business roles: Connecting businesses to foster greater prosperity and helping to increase exposure; economic development for the city and/or surrounding region, such as by attracting and retaining businesses; advocating and serving as the voice of the business community; and providing a number of services to help the business community thrive, such as educational programming, special events, mixers, marketing and connections to local government.

Does my business have to be in Beverly Hills for me to join the Chamber?

No. The Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce has many members that are based outside of the City of Beverly Hills. These members join for a number of reasons, such as access to a suite of exciting educational programming and events, understanding of city politics and access to city officials and connection to other businesses and distinguished professionals in the luxury capital of the world. The Chamber serves as a pin wheel connecting businesses to each other and to information to help speed up the process of growing your business.

There are many benefits to being a member and our members select a variety of opportunities that serve their needs and interests. A primary benefit to being a member is access: access to other members, to a trusted and growing business network, and a source of business referrals. Our members also have access to outstanding events and programs, including signature events such as signature Beverly Hills Tomorrow event highlighting innovation, our Evening with the Mayor, and educational programming on how to efficiently operate and market your business. Finally, members have the ability to market their business through various portals at the Chamber and much more.

Easy! Call us at (310) 248-1000 We can sign you up over the phone or online so you can begin enjoying your membership benefits right away.