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"The Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce has given me wonderful access to the City Leaders and I have the utmost respect for all the individuals involved at the city planning level."

-John Bendheim President Bendheim Enterprises, Inc.

"As a Beverly Hills resident and restaurants owner, I feel that to be part of the Chamber is like being part of the city I live and do business in. It just makes me feel more involved and connected with my community, the locals and what goes on in town. The exposure my businesses are having to both the locals, as well as the outsiders has been phenomenal. Through your promotional channels, I was able to reach people I would have never been able to reach before."

-Giacomino Drago Chef, Owner Drago Family Group of Restaurants

"The Chamber of Commerce is the best thing I have done. The friendships I have made with the leaders of associations and companies is priceless. The Chamber is a family of people with common interests that in turn lead to friendships and excellent business practices. Everyone watches out for each other, which means the business environment is a group of people promoting each other’s business. The seminars educate the members about business practices, marketing, salesmanship, etc. We are in the business of providing luxury services and goods to a very special clientele. The Chamber enhances our business model and in turn promotes the standards that Beverly Hills is known for, the pursuit of excellence."

-John Pramik President Pramik Entertainment & Events

"The Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce is a tremendous organization and has been totally dedicated to promoting my business – with wonderful people and wonderful initiatives – they are creative and supportive at every turn. They’re a great team of experts that don’t just talk – they do – and they do more than they say they will. Theatre 40 will never be without them."

-David Hunt Stafford Artistic & Managing Director Theatre 40

"The value we have derived from the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce comes from the power of being associated with such a recognizable brand as the city of Beverly Hills. In addition, the relationships we have fostered with business professionals and Chamber staff members has allowed us to partner with local Law Firms, Public Relation Firms, Entertainment Industry Professionals, and the Chamber of Commerce itself by providing our security services at their signature events. Our membership in the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce has positioned our company for continued growth and has increased our brand recognition significantly. We highly recommend the Chamber as a platform to increase your business and meet like minded individuals."

-Eddie Hernandez VP of Security Operations Omega International Security

"I have been a Chamber member since 1972 and believe that the Chamber plays a very important roll in advocating for businesses in the city. The Chamber provides an opportunity to meet both government officials and the mover and shakers in the city. Every dollar we pay for membership is worth it and to experience the benefits, members must get involved."

-Murray Fischer Murray D. Fischer, Esq. Law Offices of Murray D. Fischer, Esq.

"In 2010, I transitioned from the San Fernando Valley to Beverly Hills in an entirely client-facing industry. The Chamber of Commerce was an invaluable tool in getting my new network established in an opportunity-rich, affluent community. My Book of Business has grown millions of dollars due to connections made via Chamber events. More importantly, the opening of our branch was expedited thanks to the Chamber’s ongoing partnership with the City and its regular advocacy of its members. The Chamber has helped make my business a known quantity in Beverly Hills; I couldn’t have done it without them."

-Jonathan Pier Durante Senior Relationship Manager First Republic Bank

"I joined the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce four months ago and the experience has been amazing! The staff is very friendly, helpful and incredibly welcoming. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great people in business and within the Beverly Hills community. The chamber does an excellent job with hosting so many great events as well. As a healthcare professional, it has been so nice to see the city of Beverly Hills in conjunction with the chamber start the new Beverly Hills Healthy City initiative. My membership has impacted my business in the most positive way and I can happily say that approximately 80% of my patient base has come from the chamber and its connections. I cannot thank the entire staff and members enough for their referrals and support of my practice!"

-Dr. Allison Adams, D.C. Owner ChiroLife Family Wellness