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Mission Statement

The mission of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce is to empower businesses to thrive by being an invaluable resource for optimizing connections.

We serve the luxury capital of the world through marketing, advocacy and education for the Beverly Hills business community. The Chamber – with its committees, councils, staff and valuable members – works with city officials, local businesses and the community at large to promote the local economy.

The Chamber has been the voice of business in Beverly Hills since 1923. We are a membership organization comprised of hundreds of local businesses who believe in the importance of creating a solid foundation within the community. To accomplish our mission, the Chamber relies on the efforts of our members, our Board of Directors, volunteers and the generosity of companies who sponsor our events and programs.

The history of the Chamber goes hand in hand with the history of the City of Beverly Hills. Partners for over 85 years, the Chamber has been instrumental in the evolution of the City, both in its community and business landscapes.


Rich in tradition and rich in accomplishment, the Chamber of Commerce helped to create the brand known around the world as Beverly Hills.

The United States Census of 1920 counted 674 people as residents of the newly incorporated City of Beverly Hills. Known as “Midway between Los Angeles and the Sea,” the new community, while steeped in pride and optimism, was facing inevitable challenges in those early years.

The real estate boom in the early 1920s created a series of issues for the residents, and new businesses needed to support the population growth. On May 1, 1923, sixty people gathered from the community in the first meeting of what would quickly become the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.

On June 11, 1923, an organization and a motion to incorporate a Chamber of Commerce into the city of Beverly Hills was approved.

Chamber Core Values

The Chamber drafted formal articles of incorporation and on July 16, 1923, petitioning to the State of California that the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce be incorporated “to promote the economic, commercial, industrial, civic and social welfare of the people of the City of Beverly Hills and vicinity.”

The state granted the petition on July 20, 1923, and from there, the Chamber went to work.

Create connections and build strong relationships
Encourage teamwork and collaboration
Never satisfied and always improving
Commitment to excellence
Understand the value of a reputation
Have fun!!!

Core Focus

Purpose/Cause/Passion: Empowering businesses to thrive

Our Niche: An invaluable resource for optimizing connections

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