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  -  “How to’s”   -  Tips To Instant Confidence & Beautiful Photos

Do you hate having your photo taken?

You may be Camera Shy.

01 Camera Shy bw

Photo By: Starla Fortunato


Here Are Four Tips
Instant Confidence
Beautiful Photos
Starla Fortunato, Photographer


In this age of selfies and social media, visibility is vital to our brand. Who would have thought we’d need professional photos to establish ourselves as authorities in our industries? This can be a real problem for your business if you dread having your photo taken. Here are four proven tips to finally take the impressive photos you need and will love.

02 Camera Shy by Starla Fortunato bw

Photo by Starla Fortunato

1 Hire a professional photographer

A professional photographer will partner with you and have a plan in place to help you step into your best light on your shoot day. All of us need guidance and direction. Even with their experience in front of the camera, A-list Actors need Directors to guide them on set, and so do you.

We’re not meant to do this alone.

03 by Starla Fortunato

Photo by Starla Fortunato

2 LOVE how you feel in your clothes

Choose two to three outfits you feel fabulous in to give your self-esteem a boost. Be sure to clean and accessorize your wardrobe from head to toe well in advance of your photo shoot. If you have gained or lost weight, gently meet yourself where you are and shop for new clothes that fit your body.

Ask your photographer for a wardrobe stylist referral if you’re having a difficult time.


04 Breath Camera Shy

Photo by Starla Fortunato


3 Relax on camera with one question

When your photographer points the camera at you, look into the lens and silently ask,” how can I be of service?”  It’s a wonderful question connecting us to our mastery — taking us out of fear and into our “why”.

05 Breath by Starla Fortunato Crop

Photo by Starla Fortunato

4 Don’t hold your breath

Do you hold your breath when someone points the camera at you? You’re not alone.  Many people from celebrities to business owners hold their breath when I pick up my camera.

I ask my clients to gently inhale, exhale and repeat. If we are breathing, we are staying present, and this establishes an authentic energetic connection to our audience and opens our world to new possibilities.

You got this.

The world craves the real you. Fascinate them, that’s why you’re here.

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Come join me on a photographic journey

It’s time to have photos that establish you as an Icon in your industry on a global platform. Let’s talk about your next photo shoot. Email me to learn how we can work together.