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  -  Member Spotlight   -  Raise A Glass Of The Beverly High Rye, The World’s Finest American Whiskey


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By: Rebecca Peloquin Photography

The Beverly High Rye is the ultimate whiskey for the modern connoisseur, combining mastery in taste, craftsmanship and design to achieve a new paradigm in American whiskey. Winning Gold Medals for both whiskey and design at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and another Gold Medal at the New York World Spirits Competition, The Beverly High Rye offers complexity and finesse in an unforgettably luxurious sipping experience, perfectly balancing the bright baking spices of rye with the sweetness of bourbon to achieve deliciously rich character.

Founded by Andrew Borenzweig, an entrepreneur and whiskey enthusiast from Los Angeles, The Beverly High Rye takes inspiration from Beverly Hills and its ethos of high living. Andrew partnered with Cedar Ridge Distillery to bring the whiskey to life. Cedar Ridge is an award-winning, family-owned craft distillery based in Swisher, Iowa. Founded by Jeff Quint, Cedar Ridge is the first distillery to open in Iowa since Prohibition, preserving a generational legacy of craftsmanship that favors quality over quantity. The Distillery is widely recognized for winning the prestigious Distillery of the Year Award from the American Distilling Institute in 2017.

The Beverly’s award-winning whiskey is a blend of straight rye and straight bourbon whiskeys hand selected from Iowa and Indiana.. Each batch is artisanally crafted to the specification of a proprietary recipe at Cedar Ridge Distillery. Borenzweig and Cedar Ridge’s Head Distiller, Murphy Quint, worked closely to harness the best qualities of both straight rye and straight bourbon in the recipe, which features a majority-rye grain bill. Inviting yet uncompromising on flavor, The Beverly High Rye stands apart as the most luxurious name in American whiskey. Its flavor profile leads with cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar, offering a rich mouthfeel, and a warm, lingering finish with candied pecans, caramel and toffee.

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By: Rebecca Peloquin Photography

The brand collaborated with Jeffrey Morgenthaler, world-renowned mixologist and author of The Bar Book, on a collection of signature cocktails exclusively designed to highlight the versatility of the spirit. Morgenthaler says, “The most front-facing quality of The Beverly High Rye is its lush richness. These signature cocktails were designed to showcase a wide range of drinks that can be replicated not only by professional bartenders, but also the home enthusiast. These drinks were chosen to reflect the care put into the whiskey by those who make it, and to let it shine.”

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By: Rebecca Peloquin Photography

You can taste Los Angeles’ newest star at select locations in California and New York, including Nobu, Ocean Prime, The Grill On The Alley, Waldorf Astoria, and The Beverly Hills Hotel. Enjoy elevated, exclusive cocktails made with The Beverly High Rye at the following Los Angeles destinations:

Nobu Los Angeles: “Smoke Over Beverly”
Smoke Over Beverly Horizontal

By: Rebecca Peloquin Photography

The Beverly High
Chocolate Bitters
Dehydrated Orange
Smoked with Maplewood

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills: “Catcher in the RyeImage 4

The Beverly High Rye

Amaro Montenegro

Chocolate Bitters

Acidulated Orange Juice

Hazelnut Orgeat

The Butcher’s Daughter West Hollywood: “Brooklyn in LA” 


The Beverly High Rye

The Grill On The Alley: “Golden Clove” 

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The Beverly High Rye
Amaro Angeleno
Grand Marnier
Fresh Lemon Juice
Muddled Cloves
East Imperial Soda Water 

The Beverly High Rye retails for $59.99 and can be shipped to 46 states on For more information visit and follow us on Instagram @beverlyhighrye. Beverly Spirits is committed to sustainability. In efforts to support the environment, for each bottle sold, one tree will be planted in an official partnership with Trees for the Future.