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  -  Member Spotlight   -  All roads lead to Beverly Hills! Michael King at King Real Estate Brokerage

Beverly Hills is renowned for attracting the glitterati beneath its starry skies.  As Frank Sinatra said in his timeless refrain, “Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars.” From the old Hollywood glamour to the iconic Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills is where the pursuit of excellence and the embrace of luxury converge.  It’s where dreams are realized, legacies are built, and each moment transcends into the legacy of its own. It is not just a destination where every corner tells a story of opulence and sophistication, it’s a community where visionaries and trailblazers thrive.  A place where resilience cultivates the next phase of success, echoing with a renewed exuberance akin to a resounding lion’s roar.


The Los Angeles westside real estate headlines are buzzing with the news of a record breaking and market making sale in the ultra-wealthy Malibu for a staggering $210 million. Amidst the glitz and success, you have fellow Irishman Bono from rock band U2 developing a massive Hollywood Hills Mansion.  The westside of Los Angeles is a luxury powerhouse of residential real estate that redefines luxury living. From sprawling estates nestled in the serene hillsides to sleek modern marvels boasting panoramic views. As with any market, there are cycles of recalibration, where expectations between buyers and sellers find equilibrium among economic shifts and global trends. The fourth fiscal quarter will give some relief to the mortgage reliant if interest rates normalize. Oprah Winfrey said it best, “I will forever believe that buying a home is a great investment”


King real estate brokerage specializes in the ultra-luxury residential real estate market from Hollywood Hills to Malibu.   We believe that discretion and privacy is of the upmost importance to our clientele of A-list celebrities, power players and titans of industry.  Our clients are mainly referred by existing relationships, but we do consider new representations.  Our core values shape who we are, and this requires a culture devoted to exceptional service, integrity and reputation.  A deep understanding of the real estate industry from a local and global level is paramount.  For twenty-seven years, Michael King has specialized in the top 1% of the market, it is the expertise and access that makes the difference.  If you’re in the market to sell or buy luxury real estate, reach out to Michael today.


King Real Estate Brokerage

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