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Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce
  -  Ambassador Feature   -  Ambassador Highlight – Carl Morandell

Tell us about your involvement with the Chamber

I joined the chamber in June of 2014 and within 2 months had the privilege of becoming an Ambassador for the Chamber and never looked back. The chamber has become such a part of my life I don’t think there is ever a non-BHCC event I attend where I don’t bring up BHCC. Recently, I was at a, “Doing Business in Asia” conference and began speaking with someone about the Beverly Hills Chamber, when low and behold Michelle Green pops up right behind me! During events, whether it’s the Breakfast event, FLAIR, etc., I look for people who are standing around by themselves and try to engage with them so that they have a really positive experience and will want to come back for others! When you are alone, not familiar with anyone, or are not sure what to do at these events, it can be very intimidating. It is such a high to provide them with an enjoyable experience.

Do you have any advice for Chamber Members?

People do business with who they know, like, and trust! So attend as many events as possible and become a familiar face. Don’t expect you are going to strike gold within your first few months of membership. It took me a full year before anything happened. I am not saying it can’t, but a business relationship, like any kind of relationship takes time to cultivate. If you frequently attend and inform people about what you do, at some point your message will start to resonate and people will start to approach you about opportunities. Also, if you don’t know anyone and are looking to connect with specific people during and event, ask Michelle, Elisabeth, or an Ambassador for help. The ambassador team will interact with everyone and probably can connect you with someone and make your evening feel that much more productive!

What is your favorite Chamber event?

I know it sounds cliche but we don’t have an event that I don’t enjoy. The breakfast event is always fun and allows us to catch-up with each other! FLAIR (Finance, Law, Accounting, Insurance, and Real Estate) is always a great time and I’m a wine merchant! The annual Summer Garden Party is not one to be missed, nor is Innovate or the State of City- in short, I do whatever I can to attend as many as possible and highly encourage you to do as well! Also, come hungry, the food is amazing!