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Imagine if you could take the IMAX movie experience to create a 3D surgical experience? Today, this is our reality thanks to Assil Eye Institute, the only medical facility offering 3D digital surgery in our region for All Laser Premium Cataract treatment. With June being Cataract Awareness Month, we decided to bring you a second installment featuring this exciting surgical advancement and its applications to other types of surgeries.

Cataract surgery (removing and replacing the eye’s opaque internal lens), is the most common elective procedure performed in the United States. With 3D surgical, the benefits to the surgeon and ultimately, the patient is significant.

3D Platform Surgical Advantages:

  • Enhanced three-dimensionality (3D), thus the “IMAX experience” – Just as the theater going audience appreciates the viewing superiority of 3D movies, so too does the surgeon appreciate having an enhanced 3D view that opens the door for even better results when operating on a complex structure like the human eye.
  • The traditional surgical microscope’s view of the eye is greatly magnified (appears even larger than a beach ball) allowing the surgeon to see even the smallest details of the eye while also increasing the depth of field (range from front to back of the eye that remains simultaneously in focus). This too adds to the ability to perform more precise surgery.
  • The system can also create an enhanced contrast of different eye structures to further improve the surgeon’s ability to see detail.
  • As the surgeon is seated in a much more comfortable position throughout the surgery (viewing the eye on a massive screen, while wearing 3D glasses), body posture is improved vs. the previous confines of peering through an operating microscope. This posture supports an improved surgical experience.
  • The rest of the surgical team also gains an advantage from the superior viewing experience, thus translating into optimal team communication.

The future direction of digital surgery is exciting. Dr. Assil began developing this technology for the purpose of improving cataract surgery. It has however not only proven to be beneficial for all ocular surgeries including corneal transplants, pterygium removal, glaucoma and retinal surgery, but also is of great value to all surgical specialties using operating microscopes, including spine, head/neck, dermatology, hand surgery and more.

This digital technology will revolutionize all such surgeries as the system can also superimpose key imaging data, gathered prior to surgery, so the surgeon has better decision-making ability. This aspect is already being used by Dr. Assil on his patients at the Institute in Beverly Hills.  The ultimate benefits enjoyed by patients, who can now receive elegant, precise and safer surgery in a much more relaxed surgical environment, have proven to be the most rewarding.

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