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Did you know that the leading cause of blindness in the United States is totally preventable? A cataract is a loss of transparency of the eye’s internal lens. As such, it can be thought of like a car’s dirty windshield.

But not everyone cleans their windows at the same time and some tolerate it longer than others. You certainly don’t have to live with the decreased vision and can achieve clearer vision with little or no downtime. In addition, you can get rid of your glasses for nearly everything you enjoy. The lifestyle liberation of reading, exercising, golfing, driving, or riding your bike without glasses is very empowering.



Thanks to ongoing advances in technology and insights, when properly performed, cataract surgery is now one of the world’s safest treatments and the most commonly performed surgery in the United States. More than 50% of Americans now have cataract surgery by the age of 80, with more than 3 million procedures performed each year in the US alone.


  1. Your vision seems a bit blurred, even with glasses
  2. You need more light to read
  3. You are bothered by bright lights while driving at night

These variable symptoms are the direct result of how the lens opacities influence light transmission into the eye. If the opacities are uniform and block the incoming light evenly, then more light is needed (like seeing through tinted glasses). Alternatively, if the opacities are spaced apart within the lens, then the incoming light gets scattered off of them and creates glare (from bright lights). When viewed through a specialized microscope, a doctor can see both the extent and location of these lens opacities.

The Assil Eye Institute is proud to have been at the forefront of Cataract surgery for over half a century. The pioneering efforts date back to the Institute’s Dr. Robert Sinskey in the late 60’s and early 70’s who contributed greatly to the development of using ultrasound to liquefy and remove cataracts through a tiny, self-sealing opening and replacing the clouded lens with a crystal clear synthetic lens.

To further contribute to the field in improving patient outcomes and considering patient goals, we also introduced:

  • Cold Ultrasound (White Star)
  • Premium Intraocular Lenses to reduce or eliminate the need for both distance and reading glasses in each eye. These lenses can also treat astigmatism which are distortions caused by a warpage in the eye’s focusing mechanisms.
  • Use of space age technology (Ora- Intraoperative Aberrometer) to measure the eye’s power during surgery in real time. This approach further refines the selected lens power (after the cataract has been removed) and allows us to adjust to the eye’s optical warpage (treating astigmatism).
  • Laser Cataract Surgery (Lensar Femtosecond laser), whereby the cataract is pre-softened by a laser, prior to entering the operating room, for much more ease in surgery.
  • Lasik surgery, to further sharpen vision if needed.

TrueVision 3D

Most recently, we helped develop and deploy the TrueVision 3D operating system (a 15-year journey). This revolutionary system transforms the operating room experience into an Imax theater! The surgeon can view the eye with greatly enhanced three dimensionality, magnification, and clarity. We believe that this technology further enhances the cataract surgical safety net, improving the patient’s experience and outcome accuracy.

Thanks to such advances, we can offer patients All Laser Premium Cataract treatment with comfortable recovery and rapid visual clarity. In reducing or eliminating the need for any eyeglasses, our patients report considerable lifestyle improvement.

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