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Ready, Step, Goal!

Whenever someone is embarking on a new workout or nutrition program the first question they are typically asked by the health or fitness professionals is this:

“What are your goals?”

While this is a question important to any transformation process, Ariel doesn’t agree with this being the most important place to start.

This approach tends to lead people down a path of big swings between success and disappointment. Setting a goal is important, but chasing that goal without knowing your true starting point can lead to continuous yoyo-ing or jumping from one program to the next all while not making the desired progress.

It places the cart before the horse.

Another suggestion. Why not ask yourself this question first: “Where am I in life, right now?”

The problem with setting goals before taking into consideration where you are right now is people end up setting goals based on the capacity that they think they have instead the capacity they actually have.

The answer to that suggested question will give you more information on what you can actually achieve given the current resources, time, and capacity you have. Knowing this answer leads to more actionable ways.

Rather than trying to set a fitness and nutrition goal that will lead you down a cycle of lost time, money, and disappointment, ask yourself where you are in life in terms of the time and energy you can now commit to strive towards your goal.

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If you honor what you need right now, you will catapult yourself into another realm later. ALL your goals will be accomplished.

The added “icing on the cake” benefits to this approach:

  • It relieves the guilt and pressure associated with slip ups along the way.
  • Reaching your goals becomes much less of a struggle and a lot less torturous. (You may even reach them faster than you originally thought because you started with a more realistic assessment of your capabilities.)

Try this approach and see if achieving your goals actually becomes easier.

This is just one of the many common topics that come up in one on one sessions that will be including in a group workshop Ariel is putting together. If this is something you are interested in, click HERE to get on the list and receive the details when they become available.

Need some direction on figuring out how to turn the time and energy you have the right now into reaching realistic health and fitness goals?

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@matteophotographs 22A bit about me

I’m a wellness coach, celebrity fitness trainer, entrepreneur and mother. I believe true fitness and strength can’t be measured by scales or by numbers. Perfection doesn’t exist. I help you to strive to find the time and in your own way to get fit, healthy and happy and to measure accomplishments based on what matters to you.

My specialized health coaching programs are tailored to the individual or group and offer a comprehensive approach that is a hybrid of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle behavior.



Working with Ariel, you will:

  • Feel more energized
  • Feel satisfied eating healthy foods
  • Turn stress over food and exercise into strength and energy
  • Get better quality sleep
  • Decrease bloat, inflammation and wight
  • Combat anti-aging the natural way
  • Look fabulous on your terms!

Kickstart Your Wellness , download my FREE GUIDE HERE for easy and practical tips that you can incorporate today that will save you time and give you more energy.