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How we can help you survive the Holiday!

The Holiday Season is meant to be about stopping, relaxing, and celebrating with families and friends. Sadly, for many of us it becomes the most stressful time of the year, and we end up just looking forward to it being over.

Boutique Concierge is a Personal Assistant and Errand Service company with the mission of helping busy entrepreneurs and business owners enjoy their lives to the fullest. We create more time and less stress for our clients lives by taking care of their to-do lists, running their errands, and managing their properties.

And over the Holidays, we make very “special deliveries”. Boutique Concierge has a longstanding tradition of bringing more JOY and far less worry to our clients’ world during this time of the year. We’re expertly trained to take the worries out of your holidays so you can focus on the enjoyment that they are meant to bring.

There are five main ways we help our clients during the Holiday Season:

1. Gift Shopping

Whether online shopping or in person, we curate very special gifts and experiences. Throughout the year we search for unique gifts, ones that reach for that “surprise factor”. Our clients love not having to think about what to gift to each family member, friend, or colleague, so you can imagine how much personal time they gain back with this service alone.

2. Gift Wrapping

We personalize every gift, from the gift wrap and ribbon to the card, and even the ink color that we use, so they’re all color coordinated. If the client already has an idea in mind, we will bring it to fruition the way he/she pictured it.

3. Gift Delivery

This is a “client favorite”. Other colleagues have asked us several times why our clients won’t use delivery companies’ apps. Our HNW clients hire us because they want Premium Service. They look for the expertise, the “savoir faire”, the reliability, the attention to detail, the trust. Simply put they want the peace of mind and sophisticated delivery that Boutique Concierge provides. They know that if they hire us, we deliver.

4. Errands

Whether it’s to purchase Holiday decorations, pick up your evening gown or take care of last-minute repairs, we’re there to make it happen.

5. Returns and Exchanges

We pick up the returns from our clients’ homes or offices and return to every shop within the Los Angeles area (in certain cases, we do returns via UPS or FedEx).

We tailor our services to every client’s needs because we understand that every request is different, and every client wants things their own way.

Don’t miss your opportunity to GET MORE TIME over the Holidays – and enjoy spending those hours doing what you WANT to do and not what you NEED to do. Leave that to us, Boutique Concierge.

Lastly, know that with Boutique Concierge, you’re also helping to change the lives of others in need. A portion of your service fees will be donated to David Lynch Foundation Los Angeles, a Foundation that helps veterans, victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, reduce stress and violence through the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique. For more information, please visit us at You can reach us at 323-630-5787 or at

 Wishing you the most peaceful and enjoyable Season

Naima Blasco,

Founder and CEO at Boutique Concierge

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