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  -  Business Features   -  Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Beverly Hills: Challenging the Luxury Status Quo

As a new venture conceived by Beverly Hills’ high-end car retail group, O’Gara Coach, to move into the digital space and expand its reach through branded creative content, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Beverly Hills delivered a climatic video that challenges the luxury status quo with an unprecedented edge. Defying tradition, the Ghost steers away from the suburban streets of London to find the surreal environment of an apocalyptic dry lake.

The new campaign release comes in conjunction with singer and actor Ari Welkom’s debut single “Legacy” from his latest music solo project “ARI,” released Friday, June 7th. With a strong influence of rock & roll, Ari’s single sets the tone for the ambiguous mastery of design, elegance and technology the Ghost legacy has always embodied.

Director Luca Brinciotti and producer Adam Maffei joined forces with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Beverly Hills with a vision to unleash the power of the brand through illustrating t he perfect balance between luxury and redefining edge. Starring Ari Welkom and his wife, actress Abigail Titmuss, Luca set the scene on a dry lake bed near the Mojave Desert with a focus on staging the casted duo as “Yin and Yang” to depict light and darkness and find their unity. Using the vigorous bodies of the Black Badge Ghost and Extended Wheelbase Ghost, Ari and Abigail are shown in vehicle-matched monochromatic outfits driving full-speed towards each other in a rugged landscape.

The video highlights two very distinguished models in the Ghost line-up for the perfect portrayal to support Luca’s vision. The Black Badge Ghost represents a bolder presence and a potent performance. Finished in a matte black paint with an anthracite-colored interior and Mugello red accents, the Black Badge is Rolls-Royce unleashed with more power, audacity and spirit crafted for those who will never conform.

The Extended Wheelbase Ghost represents the ultimate expression of dynamism and luxury. With an Artic white finish and seashell colored interior with black accents, this model presents a masterclass in confidence bringing an incomparably spacious expression to the dynamism of this elegant motor car.

For over a century, the Rolls-Royce brand has continuously embodied timeless appeal across models and a fearless attitude capturing the attention of the atypical personality. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Beverly Hills continues to push the boundaries in unique ways to remain competitive in the luxury automotive space and showcase the capabilities behind their luxury cars regardless of its’ environment.

Enjoy the expertly designed and shot video here. The Black Badge Ghost and Extended Wheelbase Ghost are available for purchase at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Beverly Hills.