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New Chairman’s Circle Member: Galvin, Gaustad & Stein, LLC. | Wealth Management

Posted by Admin on November 6th, 2018

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Who is Mark Stein?

Mark P. Stein is a long time veteran Chartered Life Underwriter®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional and senior Registered Investment Advisor. He is a principal of an independent Financial Wealth Management services firm with headquarters located in Scottsdale, Arizona, serving clients state-wide and around the globe. With Chartered Financial Analyst® designations and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM Professionals, his firm is nationally respected for providing high net worth clients with the highest standard of white glove service in the building and managing of custom portfolios. He is also known specifically for working closely with clients and their professional advisors (attorneys, accountants) to keep expenses and taxes as low as possible with a goal of overachieving the appropriate benchmark return. His teams highly regarded national experience stand out within the industry as they have developed a proprietary process to deliver customized investment solutions after identifying a client’s specific objectives. He and his team specialize in applying both quantitative and qualitative analysis in the screenings of the holdings of the personal financial plans with these custom created portfolios. While most other firms offer “model” portfolios, providing all clients with identical portfolios, he is a veteran at offering portfolios that are very carefully hand picked to reflect the clients desires and needs. Custom based holdings are created with client input of their selective risk level and preference for companies they may want to own or not own. They can be as actively involved in portfolio management to the extent they would like to be. Highly respected on the national front for more than 40 years, Mark Stein has established himself as one of the industry’s most trusted wealth managers.

Tell us a bit about your history.

Prior to the formation of Galvin, Gaustad & Stein, I was President of AeGIS Financial Group, Inc. for 18 years. I am on the Arizona Family College Savings Program Oversight Committee (Arizona’s 529 Plan) and am past President of the Greater Phoenix Financial Planning Association. Have written articles on various financial topics and was host of a long time financial planning radio program for 10 years. I am a public speaker for accounting and consumer groups and have done many other things, all to say, I have always kept busy.

Tell us a bit about yourself and maybe you can share a unique talent you have or pastimes you like?

A passion of mine is tennis and I have liked it since I started playing as a young boy as my family was a big tennis family and this love has continued to today. Fortunately growing up in Scottsdale and spending time between Arizona and California over the years has allowed this year-long passion. I also enjoy golf and the camaraderie that this sport allows with friends and long time clients, it’s something you get few other places. Golf along with tennis have been enjoyable in creating life long term friendships that often originate from a client relationship and then years of bonding and trust on both sides. I also like world exploration travel. From African safaris and the Civil War battle sites of America to unique European destinations, I love seeing new and historical sites. Just about any destination interests me and every destination is a wealth of new learnings and new interactions about cultures. I travel a lot to Los Angeles, Northern California, and many other states weekly to meet one-on-one with my clients, as we provide a true white glove concierge service and I never get tired of getting on an airplane for business as much as pleasure. I know that most people say such travel for work can be cumbersome, rather, I value the sites and interactions with my clients. I also enjoy the news. I live market news of course but am extremely interested in world politics and breaking current events. I enjoy fine dining and culinary explorations. Beverly Hills and Los Angeles have some of the finest restaurants in the world today. I am also fascinated by nature and animals. I love hiking with my dog Tyson and have a turtle sanctuary on my home property, for which I rescue turtles to protect them from extinction. I enjoy charity work. I don’t like to speak of it but I will say that the Ronald McDonald House Charities nonprofit, that helps improve the health and well-being of children, is one that I support greatly and offer my time to. And finally, you asked if I have a unique talent. Well, I definitely don’t play Brahms on the piano but I do have an odd mathematical brain. I can do calculations in my head in split seconds. I can double numbers quicker than a calculator. Yes, it’s made life easier in some ways. Yes, odd. But you asked 🙂

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