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Member Spotlight: Caesar Morera on Exotic Cars, Toys, and Living a Luxury Lifestyle

Posted by admin on September 22nd, 2016

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Caesar Morera is the CEO of Lion Heart Lifestyle, an L.A. based rental provider of exotic toys such as luxury vehicles, private jets, yachts, and more. Morera founded the company in 2012 and just joined the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce this past May. If you ever wanted to take a back seat in the exotic car industry, please enjoy this exclusive interview:

How did your passion for luxury cars develop into this business?
I was in real estate for 16 years and through that I slowly started to buy my own high-end cars. So for years I had all of these cars laying around with the idea of starting an exotic toys business always in the back of my mind. It wasn’t until my brother started renting my cars that I decided to start a rental company for not only exotic cars, but also expanding to other luxury lifestyle toys like yachts and private jets.

How do you decide which cars will be added to your fleet?
A lot of times I go off of the requests from my clients. If I get a lot of calls from people asking if I have the new Range Rover or Bugatti, I’m more likely to consider getting that car. I also cross check with other car companies in Los Angeles to make sure I have a unique stock.

What has been the most rewarding experience since starting Lion Heart Lifestyle?
Just meeting new people. The clients that come to me have all sorts of backgrounds from all over the world so every day is interesting – and entertaining, to say the least! Some of my celebrity clients will invite me to their parties, and I’ve become friends with a lot of people in the entertainment industry, so being in the luxury and exotic vehicle business definitely has its perks.

How is running a business with exotic cars and toys different from a regular car dealership?
It’s a lot of work we put into it because there is a certain level of expectation when dealing with high-end vehicles. We have to take extra care of our clients. Ev

en in terms of our yacht and plane rentals, clients will usually have very specific requests that we have to try to accommodate to as best as we can. And obviously our clientele is a little different.

Who are the kinds of people renting exotic toys and for what purpose?
There are a variety of people. We get a lot of foreigners and tourists who just want a nice vehicle to ride around in during their L.A. vacation. We obviously get a lot of Hollywood celebrities and rappers who need certain cars, yachts, and jets for their music videos and photoshoots. But also the people renting our luxury cars sometimes do so to test drive a particular car before going out and buying one for themselves. A lot of times traditional luxury car dealerships have strict limitations on test driving their vehicles so we try to provide that service with the cars we have so people can get a taste of what owning, say, a McLaren is like before making that purchase.

How do you define a “luxury lifestyle?”
A luxury lifestyle is not about the material things, but about the experiences. That’s why Lion Heart Lifestyle provides more than just cool cars because we understand that people are after the feeling that derives from stepping into one of our exotic toys. You don’t get a Ferrari to just sit in your driveway, you get a Ferrari to experience the drive. You get a private jet to travel in and out of the country in style. You rent a yacht to throw private parties with your friends and families. It’s never about the exotic toys themselves.





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