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Our organization, Breaking the Cocoon, is dedicated to uplifting and empowering individuals who face significant challenges in their lives. We believe that, just like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, everyone has the potential to grow stronger and reach higher levels of personal achievement despite the obstacles they encounter.

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Our Mission

Breaking the Cocoon, is Living Free With Epilepsy striving to provide support, education, and inspiration to those living with epilepsy and other mental conditions. We focus on fostering a community of understanding and resilience, helping individuals to not only cope with their challenges but to thrive.

Our Approach

We utilize a variety of programs and activities designed to inspire and motivate our clients. Through workshops, mentorship programs, community events, and PARTY (Play Amusements Recreation Tune stay Young), we provide practical tools and emotional support. We emphasize the importance of basic friendly cordiality in all interactions, as kindness and understanding can make a significant difference in the lives of those we serve.

Inspirational Examples

To illustrate the power of resilience and determination, we often draw on historical and contemporary figures who have overcome tremendous adversity. For instance:

  • Harriet Tubman: Despite suffering from epilepsy herself, Tubman escaped slavery and became a leading abolitionist, helping hundreds of enslaved people gain their freedom via the Underground Railroad.
  • Julius Caesar: Known for his political acumen and military prowess, Caesar is believed to have had epilepsy. His leadership and strategic brilliance have left a lasting legacy.
  • Socrates: The ancient philosopher faced numerous personal challenges, yet his teachings have profoundly influenced Western thought.
  • Prince: The iconic musician achieved global fame while dealing with epilepsy, inspiring countless fans with his talent and perseverance.

These examples, and many others, serve to remind our clients that their challenges do not define them. Instead, it is their response to these challenges that shapes their destinies.


Our Programs

  1. Support Groups: Regular meetings where individuals with epilepsy and their families can share experiences and support each other.
  2. Educational Inspirational Workshops: These workshops are designed to provide information on managing epilepsy and other challenges, understanding treatment options, and improving quality of life. Our workshops also feature motivational speakers who have overcome similar challenges, offering practical advice and inspiring stories. You can reserve a speaking event tailored to your group’s needs, whether it’s for a school, workplace, or community organization. Additionally, podemos hacer discursos positivos en Español (we can provide positive speeches in Spanish) for Spanish-speaking audiences.
  3. Mentorship Programs: Connecting individuals with mentors who have successfully navigated similar challenges, providing guidance and inspiration.
  4. Community Events/PARTY (Play Amusements Recreation Tune stay Young): Organizing events that raise awareness about epilepsy, foster community fellowship, and celebrate the achievements of those living with the condition.
  5. Spanish Conversation Course: We offer comprehensive resources to help our clients and their families learn and practice Spanish, enhancing their ability to engage with the broader community and access additional support networks. Our Spanish program includes:
  • Downloadable Spanish Course Steps: Easy-to-follow materials that guide you through the basics of Spanish conversation.
  • Personal Tutoring: One-on-one or small group sessions with experienced tutors who can tailor the learning experience to your needs. These sessions focus on practical communication skills, cultural nuances, and specific vocabulary related to medical and social contexts.
  • Interactive Practice Sessions: Regularly scheduled opportunities to practice Spanish in a supportive and immersive environment, helping to build confidence and fluency.

When you chat with other people in the community, better results will happen for you. Improving your Spanish skills can open doors to new friendships, job opportunities, and a deeper understanding of different cultures.

How to Get Involved

We invite you to join us in our mission to inspire and motivate. Whether you are looking for support, wish to volunteer, want to PARTY and meet more in the community, or want to learn more about epilepsy, there are many ways to get involved. Visit our website at for more details about our programs and how you can participate.

If you are particularly interested in our Spanish conversation course, you can sign up directly through our website. Our tutors are ready to help you embark on a journey to bilingualism, enhancing your ability to connect with and support the diverse communities we serve.

Additionally, if you would like to reserve a speaking event through our Educational Inspirational Workshops, please contact us via our website to discuss your needs and how we can tailor our presentations to best inspire and educate your audience. Podemos hacer discursos positivos en Español para audiencias de habla hispana.

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At Living Free With Epilepsy, we are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of those we serve. By providing support, sharing inspirational stories, and fostering a community of compassion, we help individuals to see beyond their challenges and achieve their full potential. Remember, basic friendly cordiality stands out in all situations, and it is through kindness and support that we can all help each other grow and succeed.


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