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  -  Business Features   -  Le Pain Quotidien Brings a Taste of Brussels to Beverly Hills

The bakery-restaurant prides itself on serving simple, delicious food in a setting that provides reprieve from a busy lifestyle. Ever since opening the first bakery in Brussels, breaking bread with friends and neighbors has been the foundation of Le Pain Quotidien. The bespoke interiors and nourishing dishes offer the perfect backdrop for informal social gatherings, meetings over coffee, or meals with the family.

New menu items mean a morning at the bakery begins with fresh juices and organic, skillet eggs in addition to a range of organic breads, pastries, yogurt, coffee and teas. If not already familiar, patrons will quickly take to the tartines – the open faced sandwiches that look equally as wonderful as they taste. Perfect for lunch time, tartines join other tasty options such as savory soups, salads and quiches. Come the evening, guests can linger over a glass of organic wine.

Since the beginning, a communal table made of reclaimed wood has formed the centerpiece of every Le Pain Quotidien. Designed to bring friends, family and even strangers together, the communal table represents Le Pain Quotidien’s commitment to fostering community connections. Potomac residents will enjoy the unique space to enjoy a meal or drink.

Each store will feature retail shelves filled with the brands’ favorite pantry items, which are also featured in many of their signature recipes. The organic jams and chocolate spreads as well as the organic cold pressed Mahjoub olive oil and balsamic vinegar will be shared on the communal tables to accompany any menu item.

Sitting amongst some of the region’s best blocks for shopping, and just moments from Rodeo Drive, LPQ Beverly Hills was our first store on the west coast. Not only did Alain Coumont, our founder, order the floorboards from Belgium, along with the rest of our rustic furniture, but he laid the flooring down himself. Stop by for a sweet treat to recharge after shopping or order your company’s holiday lunch through our catering department.

The restaurant & bakery is open Monday through Sunday 7:30am to 7pm for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. The location  also has a retail counter for food and beverage take away.

The restaurant is located at 9630 S Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. For additional information on Le Pain Quotidien’s catering and other California locations, please visit

ABOUT LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN was founded in Brussels in 1990 by Chef Alain Coumont in pursuit of the perfect daily bread for his restaurant. “My idea was simple, having a place I can feel at home…away from home,” (Founder Alain Coumont). Over the last several decades Le Pain Quotidien has spread around the world with 200+ stores globally, bringing fresh baked bread and delicious meals to people everywhere.