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BC Logo2018 TransparentBoutique Concierge is a Personal Assistant and Errand Service company. Our purpose is to help you enjoy life, and the way we achieve this is by giving you your TIME back.

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The holiday season is supposed to be a relaxing time spent with friends and family, as well as a time to reflect back on the year. In reality though, it can be stressful and overwhelming, full of sleepless nights and anxiety. The work, family, and friend obligations often make the holidays feel more like a burden than a chance to reconnect with people.

And even though we won’t be able to throw parties this year, it’s still the Holiday time and there are so many things to take care of.

But have no fear! Boutique Concierge has a longstanding tradition of bringing more JOY and far less worry to your world during the holidays. We’re expertly trained to take the worries out of your holidays so you can focus on the enjoyment that they are meant to bring.

That’s why we brought back our “Holiday Package” to help with everything you need!

This is a concept we came up with three years ago to help busy people get all the Holiday shopping, gift wrapping and everything else done in time. We want you to look forward to the Holidays!

Holiday Package 2020 Promo Postcard

For a VERY limited time we are selling our 3-hour Holiday Package for just $180!

Packages must be purchased by Dec 15th and redeemed by January 31st. Valid Monday through Friday. These 3 hours must be used at once (that’s how we can offer them at a discounted price).

Do you want to do something unique for your favorite clients? Use this Package as a gift instead! They’ll never forget that you gave them “The Gift of Time”.

How our clients use the Holiday Package:

  • Personal and Corporate Holiday Shopping
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Gift Delivery
  • Holiday Cards Mailing Service: Purchase, Write, Mail
  • Decorations
  • And whatever may help you the most!

89852EAB F136 4BD6 B6B3 495849762179Don’t miss your opportunity to GET MORE TIME – and enjoy spending those hours doing what you WANT to do…not what you NEED to do. (Leave that to Boutique Concierge).

For more information or to purchase this package today, call 323.630.5787 or email

Wishing you the most beautiful time over the Holidays of 2020!

Naima Blasco, Founder and CEO at Boutique Concierge