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Does your Business Need an Audit on its Internet Presence & Online Marketing?

Posted by admin on June 30th, 2016

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Industry : Marketing

As with any other critical business activity, your Internet & Digital Marketing campaign must be monitored to ensure it’s working to full potential. Best performance outcomes and high returns on investment can only be achieved by taking stock and improving on what you’re already doing or are planning to do. The problem, however, is that many marketing campaigns go awry because there’s no such monitoring system in place. This is where a highly valued Audit is the solution.

Whatever your type of business, your goals, whether you’ve an existing campaign or about to start one, or whether your campaign is failing or succeeding, the fact is that an audit can improve your results and outcomes.

Ensuring practice connects with real results, customized Internet & Digital Marketing Audits:

  • Identify problematic and inadequate ROI activities
  • Uncover reasons for under-performance
  • Present solutions and available opportunities
  • Deliver strategic advice and quality recommendations

There are three types of audits:

The Pre-Strategy Audit: A First-Rate Planning Support Tool

Many firms fail to evaluate whether a digital marketing activity they intend implementing will provide the returns they require. Instead, they rush head long into their marketing efforts and ultimately become frustrated with sub-optimal outcomes. It’s only at this stage that they consider performing an audit – having already lost valuable time, investment dollars, energy, morale and prospective customers and sales. A Pre-Strategy Audit ensures that business don’t become caught up in the commotion surrounding this electrifying technology. It provides a level head, objectively addressing the questions: Is the activity really beneficial to my organization? Or, am I just jumping in because everyone else is?

Find Out How to Improve Your Existing IM Campaign Beyond Recognition

Continual improvement and best practice performance is at the core of Internet Marketing (IM) Audits. Increasing results, best practice in your industry and growing your organization is what an IM Audit is all about.

IM campaign results not what you predicted? IM program obviously under-performing? Competitors leaving you behind online? Unsure of your campaign’s future direction? Looking to streamline your IM expenses? Need better returns on your IM investment?

An IM Audit traverses a myriad of activities and can consist of:

  • Current Website
  • Online Search Demand
  • Google Natural / Organic SEO
  • Online Competitors
  • International Landscaping / Benchmarking
  • Social Media
  • Not-For-Profit Google Advertising Grant Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Online IP, Landing Page & Domain Name
  • Third Party Landing Sites
  • Online Profiles
  • Google Maps
  • Green Internet Marketing
  • Images Profile Analysis
  • Traditional Marketing Online Opportunities
  • New and Emerging Technologies
  • Positioning Review: IM & Business Goals

Third-party, Objective Auditing for Maximum Results

Providing Independent Auditing is essential act to entertain a third party to your marketing provider and yourself – performing objective, independent reviews and evaluation of your current or proposed Internet & Digital Marketing strategy. Within the industry, it is common to have the same firm auditing and pitching to solve the problems they find or purport to have found. Depending upon the scenario in question, this can be somewhat dubious. Suggested remedies might not always be for the benefit of your business; rather, it is to line the provider’s pocket. The benefits of an Independent Audit include:

  • Impartiality
  • Fresh Eyes
  • Best Practice Standards
  • Quality Assurance

For more information on how an independent audit of your marketing campaign can help your organization, refer to the contact information below.


Guest contributor Justin Hall, is the General Manager at Zanity USA. He can be reached at 424.332.8597 or

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