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Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce
  -  Member Spotlight   -  “What If” is The Answer Not The Question by Jeffrey Evans


Jeffrey Evans is a former New York City Fashion Industry executive with 20+ years of experience.

In the spring of 2000, Evans and full figured super model and TV host Emme launched the Emme Collection in the US market as well as Internationally. It was the first true “Sexy” fashion offering for full-figured women.

Evans’ relocated to Beverly Hills in 2011 as the West Coast District Manager for the Swiss Luxury watch brand Omega. Prior to that move he opened Omega’s first free standing boutique in Scottsdale AZ.

In 2013 he joined another Swiss Luxury brand Nespresso helping to open their largest Flagship in the US market in the heart of Beverly Hills. He is truly grateful to not only work in the #1 Luxury destination in the world but to also call Beverly Hills home.

Currently as Brand Ambassador and Manager, Special Events for Nespresso, Evans has been able to create a flourishing and dynamic network of high profile professionals within the entertainment, financial, hospitality, real estate and philanthropic communities.

Evans has been very active with the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, and is Chair of the Membership Committee.


“What If” Is The Answer Not The Question

“What if” for me is no longer a question like it tends to be for most people:

It is the answer.

“In fact, that very response has served as the catalyst for every advance in the history of civilization.”

Ask the following questions and dig deep within yourself for truthful answers.

  1. Where am I presently in life?
  2. Is life truly about the decisions I make daily?
  3. Do I feel as if I have realized my purpose in life?
  4. Do I truly feel fulfilled both personally and professionally?
  5. What needs to happen to make lasting and impactful change in my life?

The “What if” being the answer not the question in my life has helped me grow, develop, improve and ultimately change as a human being both personally and professionally.

  • Growing up in Boston, MA working for the renowned men’s fashion retailer (Louis of Boston) while dreaming and studying to be an actor/broadcaster
  • Moving to Atlanta, Ga where I embarked on a fashion career fulltime traveling the southeast as an independent rep
  • Moving to NYC to pursue an executive career in the fashion world
  • Reaching the pinnacle of my fashion career by identifying an unfulfilled niche then creating and launching a celebrity clothing collection nationally and internationally
  • 6 months later losing my wife of 24 years suddenly to illness
  • Weeks after that tragedy meeting my soulmate based clearly on a “What if” at a business gathering
  • Remarrying 3 years later
  • Leaving NYC after 20 years (based on a promise to my wife) relocating to Phoenix, AZ having to reinvent myself
  • Joining the historic Swiss Luxury watch brand Omega and in 1 year being relocated to LA/Beverly Hills as part of a promotion
  • Eventually joining another Swiss Luxury Brand Nespresso to help open the largest Flagship in the US

The choices I have made throughout my life have brought me to where I am today no doubt. Happy and successful and truly looking forward to what else life has instore.

Has the journey been entirely smooth? Absolutely NOT! I refuse to ever look back. “There is a reason it is called a rearview mirror”

Focusing on the “What if” as the answer not the question has me focused and believing that I am being delivered to my destiny!

What about you? Is it “What if???” or is it “What if!!!” in your life? You decide.