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Essential oils offer you the opportunity to shift your paradigm on wellness, help support your body from a wellness approach by allowing the oils to help bring your body back into balance, and release you from the burden of chasing symptoms. You can now support your body with little to no synthetic or invasive intervention.

Essential oils do something more profound than cure or heal you of anything. Instead, they influence your natural body functions to work efficiently by bringing balance on a cellular level, support healthy cellular apoptosis and they are powerful when it comes to reducing stress and releasing toxins within the body. Because the human cell and the essential oils are both lipid, your body allows the essential oil to penetrate and influence the human cells with great ease and efficiency.

You will discover some of the most powerful antioxidants in these little bottles of concentrated, pure, chemical compounds called essential oils, and rest assured what nature made cannot be reproduced in a lab.

During the distillation process, the plant material containing proteins, enzymes and fiber are removed, leaving only the most therapeutic part of the plant.

Because of the lipid structure of the essential oils, our bodies are able to absorb all the antioxidant benefits without having to break it down and process it first in the GI tract.

Know that essential oils take different pathways in your body when you diffuse them, apply topically or ingest them and there are many benefits to each application. Administering essential oils to the bottom of the feet support the many nerve pathways on the feet that will link the oils to every single body system as well as tap into wonderful reflexology points reflected in your feet.

So, what are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are extracted from therapeutic plants, which are exceptionally strong, resilient, adaptive, protective and rejuvenating.

Where plants are harvested, when they are harvested and the methods used to harvest them play a pivotal role in their chemical constituents and will greatly affect the quality of your experience and the consistency of your results.

Using essential oils allows us to rediscover the ancient wellness practices of many powerful ancient cultures across the globe. It literally takes a ton of plant material to make essential oils and doTERRA’s powerful co-impact sourcing initiatives is why doTERRA stands as the number one essential oils company in the world today. Click here for more insight to “Why doTERRA”.


Why doTERRA?

Besides being the number one essential oils company in the world today, their mission goes far beyond essential oils, and here are a few that will resonate with you. Because of doTERRA’s authenticity in seeking out the best plants from around the world, committed growers, and stringent distillation process their essential oils are 50-70 times more powerful than the actual plant itself. A major difference is that a small amount goes a long way in every application method. So, not only does doTERRA offer you the highest CPTG Essential oils, they are providing you the ability to save hundreds of dollars and reduce your toxic load when you incorporate some very simple applications and practices into your daily cooking, cleaning and personal care routine.

Fun Facts

1 drop of lemon = the peels of 14 lemons

1 drop of peppermint = 28 cups of peppermint tea.

Essential Oil Benefits


  • Beneficial to cells by reducing toxins
  • Powerful antioxidants reducing free radical damage
  • Documented to detoxify cells, blood and lymph systems
  • Influences our natural cellular functions to work more optimally.
  • The lipid soluble function allows them the ability to penetrate the cell walls
  • Their stimulating effect may improve oxygen efficiency in the body
  • Promotes cellular apoptosis, which is crucial in cellular vitality.
  • The aromatic use of essential oils can help promote emotional, mental and spiritual healing.
  • Essential oils containing sesquiterpenes, (documented to pass the blood brain barrier) supports brain health by triggering balance responses in the brain.

Lisa Ciotto | Daily Lifestyle Coach | Immune & Detox Specialist | dōTERRA Essential Oils Consultant

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