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RE|STRUCTURED News is a real estate based newsletter and media company. The newsletter aims to restructure the way people interact with the real estate industry by providing information that is short-form, aggregated, and easily digestible. Since the birth of RE|STRUCTURED News, the newsletter has since expanded to a media company. Through our WOTS (Word on the Street) Network interview series, we interview high level individuals in order to bring a new perspective of real estate to the forefront. Beyond our interview series, our RE|STRUCTURED LIVE panel events are an extension of our mission, as we educate our viewers in an interactive setting. Through these live events, the RE|STRUCTURED News team provides a unique opportunity for their community of subscribers to learn from real estate professionals in an in-person setting, while also meeting and networking with one another. 


RE|STRUCTURED invites you to a RE|STRUCTURED LIVE commercial real estate based panel event taking place on Thursday, May 16th 2024 at 6:30pm at the Directors Guild of America Theater on Sunset Blvd. Moderator Bill Fishel, Executive Vice Chairman at Newmark, will lead an engaging conversation amongst Jay Luchs, Vice Chairman at Newmark, and Marineh Dermovsesian, Associate Director of Real Estate at McDonald’s USA. These industry leaders will discuss the current climate of the CRE market, the multitude of factors that contribute to leasing, developing, and acquiring property within Los Angeles and beyond, and their advice and insights on how to navigate post-pandemic shifts within the market.  


Doors open at 6:30pm and the panel begins promptly at 7:00pm. Parking is free and refreshments and snacks will be served before and after the event. 


Please keep in mind RE|STRUCTURED is offering bundled ticket pricing that costs less than regular priced tickets and please find the ticketing link here to include additional details on the event and the multitude of topics that will be discussed. 


We hope to see you all there! If you have any questions please email us at

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