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Have you ever wanted to write a book and never started or finished? Did you know that 80% of people dream of writing a book and that a published book will make you stand out as the authority and expert in your field helping you generate more revenue without the hassle of more prospecting? Slavica Bogdanov is a four-time international best-selling author. She went from broke to making a quarter of a million dollars in sales during the first year her book was published. The revenue was generated indirectly due to the prestige and notoriety she gained from becoming a published author. Forty published books later, she wants to help you as well. Her expert team at Empowering Publishing works with you to create your legacy, to write your story and position you as the authority in your field so you too can reap the rewards from becoming an author.

Slavica is passionate about writing and publishing your book as she has experienced firsthand the significant impact a book can have on an author’s life. That’s one of the reasons most successful entrepreneurs hire someone to write their book. Real estate brokers, financial planners, coaches, athletes… none of them are authors, yet most of the successful ones reap the rewards from their books.

When running a business or working in a high-competition professional field as most are, it’s very helpful to write a book. You will of course find personal benefits and an ego boost when seeing your name on a published manuscript. But there are also many professional and financial benefits of publishing a book. It will demonstrate (whether you wrote it yourself or not) your expertise and personal experience in any field.

There are at least eight reasons that should inspire you and motivate you to use your book to increase your income.

  1. Writing a book inspires respect.

One may have been stuck in a rut struggling to stand out from its competitors, handing business cards that look like any other business card in the field.  Business is a competitive world no matter what profession you are in and everyone wants to have that edge, that recognizable ‘’je ne sais quoi’’ that makes you stand out from the crowd and be remembered. A book does that. People highly respect authors because they seem to belong to a separate world; a praised category of business people. By having your published book, you access that world and automatically gain the respect you deserve.

  1. A book generates respect and notoriety

There are a lot of perks associated with the ‘’author status’’. Colleagues begin to treat the author as a full member of the professional or business world. She or he could receive more invitations to parties and dinners. The author gains notoriety and prestige. Slavica remembers a few times when she accessed VIP venues simply because of her status of ‘’published author’’. She received her self-petitioned United States immigration status and green card as a “person of extra ordinary ability’ because of her best sellers.  The ice brakes more easily when in presence of an ‘’author.” Instead of pitching a product or service, speaking about the published work, bridges the trust gap and enables a smoother transition from cold calling to sales.

  1. Selling a book increases exposure to the public

The author writes and sells a book. Soon, speeches are requested by business associations, local organizations, and bookstores. The more you spend your time talking about your expert opinions, the more you are known both as an author and as the specialist in your field. Clients come to you instead of you chasing clients. You save time as you deal with less general hit-and-miss prospecting and access real potential buyers more directly.

  1. A profitability cycle is implemented

The book opens doors and increases business sales and referrals. Other clients will want to buy the book as well which might lead to a second source of passive income. Plus, the author benefits from free advertising. For example, you probably cannot leave your business cards at a dentist or veterinary office, but you surely can leave your book. More visibility at no cost.

  1. Lead generation is increased organically

Marketing a business via a book will generate organic indirect leads for the business. Whether you are a salesman or even a dentist, leads for new clients are essential. Nowadays, everyone needs new leads and needs to be kept top of mind to existing clients. If you publish a book, your list of prospects will multiply. Plus, people share books, show off their book, and talk about authors. They will promote you freely without giving it a second thought. They will be proud to work with an author instead of just your average accountant, financial planner, dentist, plastic surgeon, real estate broker…

  1. An author will develop and sustain better relationships with new clients or existing clients.

People who feel that they are dealing with an authority on any subject will be more attentive when that person speaks. They have more patience and are more polite. They automatically view the author somehow as a better person, a respectable public figure no matter how many copies the book sold. They don’t even think of questioning who wrote the book as none of us ever do. But when you think of it, a successful entrepreneur won’t sit as his desk tediously typing away on a blank page. He or she will obviously hire an expert to do the job.

  1. The book will do your sales pitch for you.

An author can benefit from the brand image.  When the book comes out, the media might mention the title of the book several times. In each press release or radio interview, the name of the author and the title of the book will be given. After a while, the author and the title of the book will be memorized. The book will do your sales pitch for you.

  1. After having your book published, you can charge higher fees.

An author is always recognized as a specialist or an expert. When you want to job done well, you will usually seek the help of an expert or specialist. Everyone agrees that a specialist needs to be paid more. This does not mean that you are asking more than what the products or services are worth. On the contrary, it means that you can finally ask for the full amount your product or service is worth. The clients will be willing to pay more because you are known as an expert.

In addition to all these benefits, Slavica experienced another as an author. Being able to pass on knowledge to others helps more people on a larger scale. Writing is more than having a book, it is about building a legacy. Slavica helped thousands of people worldwide and even saved a few hundred lives. Her intention is for you to thrive and she wants to help you achieve that in less time. Start today. Have her team create your legacy. For more information, click here. To book a free consultation, click here.