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The Art of Infinite Roses

Posted by admin on January 22nd, 2019

Categories : Business Features, CEO Features

Founded in London in 2007, OnlyRoses expanded throughout Europe and the Middle East before landing in Beverly Hills. Their elaborate boutique compliments their wide array of over 250 roses. In an article by Vogue, Sabine Schmitt, owner of OnlyRoses said, “Like all of our flowers, Infinite Roses are real Ecuadorian roses ethically sourced directly from a handful of farms in the Andes mountains near Quito,”. She continues by noting that, “Our blooms arrive in stores within three days of being cut, but cut flowers will perish after 14 days as the moisture in the petals evaporates and they become dry and brittle.” The company innovated and established the Infinite Rose which has the capacity to last for up to a year without having to be watered after going through a preservation process. Schmitt claims that these roses cannot be distinguished from its fresh-cut counterparts. She says that the only upkeep that is suggested is an occasional dusting. Schmitt says, “We recommend blowing them from a distance with a hairdryer on the cool setting.”

In a recent blog post from OnlyRoses, a new rose collection was introduced. Inspired by the Chinese New Year, this collection features vibrant red, orange, pink, white and gold flowers which are the lucky colors for 2019’s Year of the Pig. Sticking to the Chinese New Year theme, the newest design in their collection is named the Infinite Rose Fortune. The Infinite Rose Fortune is designed with three incredible Infinite Roses in a silver vase, and presented in a luxury black gift box – the ideal gift for the New Year. Along with the Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. These luxurious treasures make for the perfect gift for this romantic holiday. They have everything from a single statement rose for that special someone to an Infinite Rose Fleurs Du Vin for more grand gestures. Click here to view their 2019 Valentine’s Day collection.

OnlyRoses offers gift options for different holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday’s, and/or stunning décor pieces for your home or office. For more information, visit the OnlyRoses website.

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