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Member Spotlight: Ingrid Elfver on What It Means To Be Born A Celebrity

Posted by admin on November 1st, 2016

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To Ingrid Elfver, everyone possesses the potential to reach celebrity status – it’s just a matter of finding it from within. That’s why she started Born Celebrity, a premier personal branding consulting agency in Beverly Hills that strives to redefine the meaning of the word “celebrity.” From loan officers to television stars, Ingrid has helped hundreds of people unlock their true self and reach unlimited success in their respective industry. Motivated by entrepreneurship and her passion to help others, Ingrid believes in the power of aligning the inner and outer brand in order to become “famous” for being truly authentic.

So how did Born Celebrity come about?

I started modelling in my teens when I was in Sweden, which led me to becoming an MC for Miss Europe, but I ended up training a lot of the girls. I taught them how to walk, talk and pose, and I realized early on that I had a gift for seeing the light in others that not even they could see! I also had a near death experience, which I believe made me more in tuned to my higher purpose. After that, people started seeking my guidance, and I found myself working with celebrities and high profile individuals who came to me to help improve their overall mindset.

As I have evolved and my clients have evolved, I tailored my skills to personal brand consulting. I officially started Born Celebrity about 8 or so years ago after I moved to LA. I grew up in Sweden, but it wasn’t a very entrepreneurial place at the time, and I believe as a woman anything is possible in Beverly Hills. It’s here that I found a lot of my clients and especially my niche. I help people reach even higher levels of success in their business by defining their personal brand.

So what kind of people do you normally work with?

I work with many different types of people: A list celebrities, reality TV stars, producers, authors, entrepreneurs, people in fashion. But I find there is one common goal: I tend to work with people who are entrepreneurs at heart – people who want to make living by being their best self. I help people become known who aren’t already, and I help people who are already on top redefine themselves to excel even more. I help people find out who they are, so that they can use that frequency to live a life with meaning. I don’t want my clients to only be about the glitz and glam – I want them to aspire to better the world.

How is Born Celebrity different than other consulting or coaching agencies?

My business is unique because I focus on the inner and outer of a personal brand. Meaning it’s not just about the look or how you speak, it’s about really aligning all aspects of your brand – your mindset, your actions, your team, your website, your publicity engagements – to make sure that everyone is clear who you are. Because if you don’t define yourself, other people will define you. Once my clients know with certainty who they are and where they see their personal brand ultimately going, everything becomes easy from there. They are then able to communicate to their PR team or their employees what the vision is with complete clarity, and as a result my clients become famous for exactly what they want to be famous for. I do a lot of one-on-ones with them where we do some personalized psychological work first to really find where their blocks are before getting into the strategy.

How do you define “celebrity”?

I think it’s about being seen and being respected. It’s about you becoming known for what you want to be known for. I think people have a negative perception of the word celebrity, and I want to try to change that. Why not shine your light and be you? The only thing that will happen is that your business will grow, you will be more successful, and with that success you can help more people! I think everyone should strive to be known as the number one expert of their category, and there’s room for everyone to be on top.

What motivates you?

I have a personal goal for each of us to be the absolute best we can be. I think everyone is amazing! We can all have a bad day, but there is no one I’ve met who is incapable of being amazing or a celebrity in their own way. And I believe we all need to be ourselves in order for everyone else to be themselves. There’s a certain frequency that we can reach once we do that, and under that frequency, anything is possible! That’s why I love helping others find that. The world needs us to be authentic and to operate at our highest level because there is no mediocre in life. We were all born with greatness and we need to channel that.

What is one thing everyone can do right now to improve their personal brand?

Think bigger. Most people I find dream too small – way too small. I always ask my clients, what’s your wildest dream? We should always aspire to the craziest of our wishes because when we are truly in the right mindset that is aligned with our outer operations, nothing is impossible! There is never a ceiling, and I wish people would stop thinking that there is one. Even for my wealthiest clients who think they are already on top, there is always another level. A personal brand is not just about you – the message you convey is actually for the world. And when we optimize that message, we can make a huge impact on others. If you reach for even higher levels of success, think about how many people you could feed or how many people you can employ! The world needs that, and in order for that to happen, you need to find you.


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