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Complementary Internet Marketing Audit for Chamber Members

Find Out How to Improve Your Existing IM Campaign Beyond Recognition

Continual improvement and best practice performance is at the core of IM audits. These audits are focused on increasing results, implementing best practices in your industry and growing your organization. Some questions to ask yourself include the following:

  1. Are your IM campaign results what you predicted?
  2. Are your IM programs underperforming?
  3. Are competitors leaving you behind online?
  4. Are you unsure of your campaign’s future direction?
  5. Are you looking to streamline your IM expenses?
  6. Do you need better returns on your IM investment?

An IM audit examines myriad activities and can consist of:

  • Current website
  • Online search demand
  • Google natural / Organic SEO
  • Not-for-profit Google advertising grant management
  • Social media
  • Online competitors
  • International landscaping / benchmarking
  • Email marketing
  • Online IP, landing page and domain name
  • Third party landing sites
  • Online profiles
  • Google map
  • Green internet marketing
  • Images profile analysis
  • Traditional marketing online opportunities
  • New and emerging technologies
  • Positioning review: IM and business goals

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