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Giacomino Drago

‘As a Beverly Hills resident and restaurants owner, I feel that to be part of the Chamber is like being part of the city I live and do business in. It just makes me feel more involved and connected with my community, the locals and what goes on in town.  The exposure my businesses are having to both the locals, as well as the outsiders has been phenomenal. Through your promotional channels, I was able to reach people I would have never been able to reach before.’ 

Giacomino Drago - Chef, Owner - Drago Family Group of Restaurants



The Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Leadership PAC (FPPC #1368627) was created in 2014 to preserve, protect, and foster good government. The PAC is an unincorporated association, registered with the California Secretary of State.

The PAC evaluates and makes endorsements of candidates for public office where appropriate, and also expends funds to support those candidates. For example, the PAC distributes mailers, flyers, and advertisements, and prepares opinion pieces.

The Leadership PAC is run by a seven-member Board of Trustees. The By-Laws of the PAC require that all Trustees must be Chamber members; and a majority of the Trustees must also be members of the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

The following individuals are the current Trustees of the Leadership PAC:

  • Mitch Dawson, Attorney (PAC President)
  • Jonathan Durante, Relationship Manager, First Republic Bank (PAC Treasurer)
  • Jeffrey Evans, Boutique Director at Nespresso Beverly Hills
  • Nicholas Rimedio, General Manager at La Peer Hotel
  • Charles Black, Executive Vice President of Hilton & Hyland
  • Kelly Scott, Attorney at Ervin Cohen & Jessup
  • Mark Egerman, Attorney at Egerman Law Group

The Leadership PAC is funded through donations from members of the Chamber of Commerce. It does not receive funds from the City of Beverly Hills or Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.


In September 2015, the Leadership PAC Trustees unanimously endorsed Mel Spitz, Carter Paysinger, and Isabel Hacker as the most qualified candidates for election to the Beverly Hills Board of Education..

Leadership PAC

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